Cloud Native Continuous Delivery.

KubeCI is a Cloud Native Continuous Delivery platform built on Drone for Kubernetes , written in Go.


Developers don't need to setup anything, just commit & push their changes.


Your changes are tested and built inside Pods (Containers) running inside Kubernetes.


Deploy your application's containers to any Kubernetes cluster you choose.


These plugins are tightly integrated with KubeCI and Drone. They allow easy deployments to Kubernetes.


KubeCI enables you to go completly cloud native with your CI/CD pipeline.

Shared Cluster

No additional infrastructure is required for your CI/CD pipeline, KubeCI can run in the same cluster as your applications.

Supports any language

By using containers for each step in your process you can leverage the languages you need without having to use different CI/CD systems.

Simple Configuration

KubeCI uses a YAML file stored in the same repository as your code, making it simple to reproduce your builds and for developers to make configuration changes easily

Unlimited Flexibility

Run your builds, tests, and any other steps you can think of simply by using any container with the tools you need, giving you unlimited freedom to cusomize your CI/CD process to suit your needs